Why Walk?

Walking is an easy activity to get started straight away. With some comfortable shoes you can open the door and go. Walking will help you to improve your cardiovascular system and your fitness level as well as burn calories. In fact if you went for a 30 minute walk each day Monday to Friday you would burn up 1060 calories – that is the same amount of calories in five choc top ice creams!

Walking can be done on a treadmill, in a group, in the great outdoors or indoor centres such as shopping centres. You can walk to music, vary the intensity easily and use a pedometer to track your progress. And it is the easiest regular exercise that you can start today!

How active are you? The activity level of a healthy adult can be measured in “steps”.

Steps Per Day Activity Level

  • Less than 5000 Sedentary
  • 5000 – 7499 Low Active
  • 7500 – 9999 Somewhat Active
  • 10000 – 12499 Active


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