When Cravings Strike

Do you ever feel that you have no control over your cravings? Are there certain foods you can’t resist – they are just too good to say no?

Food cravings can ruin the best laid weight loss plans – so how do you prevent them? With a few simple strategies you can strike back on cravings.
  • Avoid your triggers. Consider when cravings strike you. Make a note of where you are and what you’re doing then change one trigger at a time. For example, if your usual mid-afternoon pick me up is a coffee and muffin try going for a brisk walk then enjoy a cool drink.
  • Be in control. Develop ways to work through triggers you can’t avoid. If the aroma of food gets you thinking about snacks, carry strong mints in  your pocket. That way when you next walk past a bakery you can be enjoying a minty taste sensation and avoid the smell of baking bread.
  • Indulge a little. By including a few treats in your weekly weight loss program you are more likely to stay satisfied and less likely to cave in to  cravings. Plan to enjoy Dr MacLeod’s Chocolate Treat after dinner on the weekends, rather than deprive yourself.

Having your favourite foods at your fingertips is dangerous!

  • Out of sight, out of mind. Having your favourite foods at your fingertips is dangerous because just seeing your favourite foods sometimes can trigger a craving response. Remove these foods from your cupboard or desk to eliminate the craving reminders. If you don’t see the pastries within reach you’re less likely to crave them.
  • Have a daily plan. A schedule for meal and snack times gives you a framework to stay in and helps you to stop mindless snacking. Plus, eating regularly maintains your energy levels.
  • Have a meal finale. At the end of each meal, enjoy a treat to signify that your meal is complete. A herbal tea or sugar free sweet is a lovely way to finish a meal and a great tool to use to prevent yourself having seconds.


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