Tips to drink more water

10 refreshing ways to drink more water


  • Warm up with herbal tea– drinking water doesn’t have to be limited to ice cold plain water. Herbal teas are a great way to get hydrated and keep warm.
  • Add some fizz—enjoy soda water or plain low sodium mineral water as a bubbly alternative to still water.
  • Set a reminder – put an hourly alarm on your watch, phone or computer and every time it beeps have a drink of water.
  • Substitute – choose water where you would otherwise choose coffee or soft drink. Water is the best hydrator.
  • Record it – a good way to make water drinking a good health habit, is to track your progress and results. It can be as simple as putting a tick against the date in your TRIPOD journal for each glass of water you drink.
  • Carry a bottle – keep a bottle on your desk at work, in your car and in the kitchen. All the places you spend your time. If water is within arm’s reach, you are more likely to drink it. When it is empty, fill it up!
  • Spice it up – add a slice of lemon or crushed fresh mint to a jug of water and put it on your dinning table. The fresh flavours give water a yummy boost, and having water close to hand will make you more likely to enjoy a glass.
  • Rise and Shine – make drinking 2 glasses of water a morning ritual. Start early and set the trend for the day.
  • Hunger buster – remember that the more water you drink, the less hungry you will feel and the less likely you will be to snack or overeat.
  • Try sugar free cordials in your water.


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