Portion Control

Even if slimmers avoid snacking between meals and change to healthy food choices, they can continue to gain weight.
Why? Because they simply eat too much!

A portion is one serve of food, however today’s portions are often over sized. In fact over the past twenty years, the portion sizes of foods have increased dramatically with many food portions (particularly those offered by restaurants) being large enough for two people. “All you can eat” promotions, “super sized” servings and “bottomless coffees” (complete with bottomless sugar to sweeten it) are now firmly embedded in our way of life. If you are conditioned to piling food high on your plate, you’ll need to make a conscious decision to change this habit.

Try these tips:

1. Begin by using a smaller plate which physically won’t carry large quantities of food. If you prepare meals for your family, use the centre ring on your dinner plate as a food boundary and confine a comfortable amount (neither piled nor spread thinly) to the inner circle.

2. Eat slowly putting your cutlery down between mouthfuls and take regular sips of water throughout the meal rather than drinking the entire glass at the end of the meal.

3. Use the palm of your hand as a guide when measuring your meal portions.

4. Measure out your meal, then put away left overs in the fridge immediately. This will deter you from going back for more than you need.

5. Read food labels to determine what constitutes a single serve.

Ensuring that your portion sizes are appropriate will help in controlling the amount of food and energy you eat, making the weight loss and weight maintenance easier!


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