Hitting a plateau. How to handle stalled weight loss

At some point during the time your attempting to lose weight, you may find that your weight loss slows down or seems to stop. Don’t give up! A slowing in weight loss and even a stage of no weight changes are perfectly natural. You are not at the end of your weight loss journey – it is simply a plateau. What can you do about it? View this as an ideal time to refocus on your goals.

Start by asking yourself these questions…

  • Are you following your program exactly? Check your Plan Manual and make sure you are sticking with the food and drinks that are permitted.
  • Are you skipping meals? Don’t! We have developed every aspect of the Dr MacLeod’s Plans to be finely balanced and provide your body with all the nutrients to lose weight safely. Skipping meals and drinks can actually slow down your weight loss.
  • Are you snacking just a bit too much? By cutting out snacks for a week you can kick-start your weight-loss again. For example, by omitting a Keto Snack from your daily intake you are consuming approximately 400 calories per week less.
  • Are your hormones fluctuating? Ladies, take comfort in the knowledge that once your monthly period has passed you are likely to catch up with your great weight-loss results again.
  • Has your medication changed? Many medications can interfere with weight loss results.
  • Are you obsessively weighing yourself? It is recommended to weigh in weekly and calculating your weight loss over each month – this helps to focus on longer term weight loss results rather than daily fluctuations.
  • What activity are you doing? Are you exercising and causing muscle build-up that can affect the scales? While a toned body is fantastic, it can be heavier. Or perhaps you’re not being active enough? Then set yourself a goal to move more each day.

It is important to recognize your stalled weight loss for what it is – a plateau and resist giving up.

If your weight loss plateaus, download the Plate to Plateau chart to help you to identify how to kick start your weight loss again.