Battle of the Sexes

A little healthy competition could be just what the doctor ordered.

Help motivate each other

Losing weight with a partner is a great idea as you can help motivate each other to achieve faster results. However if you are a couple losing weight together, it’s important to remember that males and females will experience different results, even when making the same effort. It sounds unfair but it all comes down to a few simple facts of biology. Because men carry a greater percentage of muscle than women, they need more calories to maintain their weight. Muscle tissue is the body’s “motor” that uses calories, so as men move and exercise they use more calories than women.

Restricting your calorie intake on our Keto Plan creates a calorie shortfall that causes your body to use up stored body fat. Because the calorie shortfall will be greater for men, they can expect to lose weight about 50% faster than their female counterparts. This is encouraging news for the men but ladies don’t be discouraged, you can take comfort in the knowledge that your slower results are to be expected, and not the result of your doing anything wrong.


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